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go west craft fest… tomorrow!



hope to see you there!  if it’s called due to rain… sunday’s the day!


rainy day distractions.

Trying to get work done on this rainy, windy day, but the problem is that I love these kinds of days so I’m completely distracted.  I’m trying to get some listings up in my shop, but the natural light is not cooperating for photos, so instead I’m playing around with the light and reflections in the puddles. The electicity going out intermittently doesn’t help either…

views from the barn: the power of one.

It’s amazing the difference the course of a few weeks can make around this time of year.  Discounting yesterday’s freakishly early 76 degree weather, it is shaping up to be a lovely spring. Everything seems a beautiful patina of browns and greens and purplish blues.  There are some amazing solitary surprises when you take a look around.  Time to throw open the doors to the studio and enjoy the fresh air.

views from the barn…

looks like the snow’s not done with us.  That’s okay, it provides moody, ethereal inspiration before I get to work.  Lot’s of production happening to gear up for next weeks’ trunk show at Nannygoat Antiques and Vintage Style in Narberth, PA.  Perfect mood for their ‘Urban Farmhouse’ theme!

yup, still winter.

we got a lot.

What our neck of the woods looked like after more than two feet of snow hit Bucks County within a week.  Sort of looks like you’re underwater…

The start of spring?