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it snuck up on me.

I have definitely entered the summer black hole of time management.   Until about an hour ago, I had little inclination that tomorrow is already the Fourth of July. With my kids out of school for nearly a month and involved with a myriad of camps and activities, it can be difficult to get my own work done let alone keep track of the days.

Much of my time has been spent getting into my latest ‘image obsession’ – vintage brochures, cards and postcards as they relate to summer travel and vacations. I love the promised allure of  exotic locations such as Cypress Gardens and Silver Springs, Florida where everyone is either on waterskis or three inch heels and a bathing suit.  Road trips, Pokonos and Jersey Shore beaches are similarly enchanting. I’ve embraced them in all their ‘plastichrome world of color’ glory.

Look for some new joeys soon, particularly buckles, to surface in my etsy shop and at the Philadelphia Folk Fest where I’ll be a craft vendor from August 17th – 19th in Schwenksville, PA.

All of this will be included in my summer newsletter which I’m finishing up.  If you haven’t subscribed already, please do so here.  It’s the most concise way to stay up to date with my show and event schedule along with important news and links.

Now I just need to figure out what we’re doing tomorrow…


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