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Trenton Avenue Arts Festival on Saturday

There’s an endless array of amazing events happening in the Philly area this weekend.  The Barnes Museum is reopening, there’s the Italian Market and Rittenhouse Row Festivals, but I’ll be at the the 7th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival and the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby in Fishtown. Good times! Come see ‘bizarre bicycles, surprising sculptures, visionary visual artists, astonishing artisans and phenomenal food vendors…’

I’ll be in Booth 49, almost at the corner of Susquehanna and Trenton Ave. There’s over 150 local artists, check here to see a full list.

Here’s some of what I’ll be bringing:

An offbeat assortment of buckles… all vintage images and one-of-a-kind: jersey shore postcard, lottery game card and pulp novel cover are just a sampling.

My copper and deerskin suede wraps in abundance.

Yikes, so much to do!  These tiny vintage dictionary illustration pendants are still waiting for their copper chains and vintage bead embellishments.

The ‘new’ joey pin back vintage image buttons come one free with each wrapped item, but they’re so fun I’m making them available to purchase as well.

Whatever you choose to do, have an fantastic weekend!


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