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Art Star Craft Bazaar recap

Last weekend was the 9th annual Art Star Craft Bazaar at the Great Plaza on Penns Landing along the Delaware River in Philly.  This was my first show in attendance as well as participation and it lived up to all of my expectations right down to the amazing two days of beautiful weather. Sunday was Mother’s Day, so there were a lot of families in attendance making a day of it. Music, food, amazing handcrafted wares, what nicer way to spend time together?

I was fortunate enough to have the amazing Xina, who helped  me out both days. We figured out that her hair matched my ‘new’ curtains!

Surprisingly, I sold only one ‘mother’ of  my vintage dictionary pendants. People were gravitating toward the more unusual words like ‘enigma’ and ‘gracious’ which was a nice change.

This guy hung out in our booth both days- our lucky mascot.

These friends each bought a vintage multi-chained joey necklace.

I debated over buying this awesome card from Blackheart Letterpress for my Mother-in-Law, but decided to go with one of their safer options.

We had really nice neighbors, Everyday Balloons, who drove all the way from Pittsburgh to sell their cool screen printed products. It was their first Art Star too.

The unifying theme of Sunday was Moms and sisters buying companion joey wraps. There was a lot of spirited debate over who got which one.

Now, a quick scramble to replenish inventory and to prepare for this Saturday’s Trenton Avenue Arts Festival!


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