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Clover Market this Sunday…

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This Sunday, May 6th, is the second Clover Market of spring 2012, in Ardmore, PA.  If you’ve never been, Clover is an upscale vintage outdoor market that features original art, antiques, vintage jewelry & clothing, artisan crafts, and handmade items. Oh, and they have some awesome food to boot. The Market is held one Sunday/month in the spring and fall.

With next weekend being Mother’s Day, I’m focusing on Mom-inspired goodies with images like these cool sepia illustrations from a vintage Ladies Home Journal dated 1927. There’s something about them that’s irresistible, retro and modern at the same time.

I love this dramatic lady who I paired with a stunning but earthy vintage carved celluloid beaded chain- she reminds me of Isabella Rossellini…

Instead of giving flowers instead how about one of these adjustable rings in colorful florals and botanicals (yes, I did threw in another sepia illustration). They are chunky and vibrant and remind me of candy!

A vintage dictionary word necklace makes a great gift for just about anyone- everyone has a word they identify with. It’s petite and layers easily with other pieces or be worn solo.  I make these with copper and resin and original vintage papers from dictionaries. I cluster them with few vintage beads or charms alongside for color.

What word would you use to describe your Mom?

Stop by on Sunday and say hello…


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