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pinnable picks: ‘architectural’ garden details

With the balmy weather and blooming daffodils this week, on the heels of an inspired visit to the wonder that is Terrain last week, I’ve had gardening on the brain. When I look around my decrepit yard in desperate need of debris cleanup and some serious fertilizing however, I can’t escape the reality of the present.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. I can pin scores of images of thriving, verdant green on my ‘bountiful garden‘ board and let my imagination sow the seeds, so to speak.

Hidden amongst the plethora of planters bursting with color and immaculately manicured beds of the internet, I found what was inspiring me most were the more ‘architectural’ accents and details that really make your garden unique.

If I had the time and patience for meticulous placement, I would so create one of these in my yard (in a completely secret place).

Love this repurposed door as the garden ‘entrance,’ but it’s the red that seals the deal for me.

I don’t imagine this to be the most comfortable seat, but the those slabs are incredible! The selectively growing vines and puzzle-like design is fantastic.  Give me some colorful pillows and I’m in.

This ‘beehive’ looking compost bin is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the black, plastic one I currently have. It completely pops amongst the vegetation. It’s garden art with a purpose.

I  love anything ‘stone mushroom’ and have amassed a nice collection- but I don’t have one that’s a mini-birdbath too. Need this.

Perfectly rusted assemblage of cogs and wheels as garden sculpture/edging. Love the contrast of rust and yellow/orange colors. Wish I knew how to weld.

What kind of plans do you have for your garden this year?  Do you have any unique garden details or art?

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