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hunting and gathering.

Spring is a few weeks away and with that comes the spring shows.  I have been diligently hoarding unique finds for the new year’s collection of joeys.  Most recently, I went in and around NYC with my friends Chelsea, from a lovely little shop and Samantha, from T8 Designs where we spent the day searching for treasures. It was quite interesting to go with fellow jewelry designers. We all employ different materials and aesthetics so I loved seeing what the others were gravitating towards and sniffing out.  We had so much fun, it didn’t even matter that we repeatedly got lost (!).

Here’s some of my finds from the past few months:

These spectacular vintage findings I got in NYC, including celluloid elephants (all with trunks up for luck- I made sure), wee glass flowers and the coolest little brass and copper clusters that I had to have.  Actually, this is the one thing that Chelsea and I both went crazy for so we counted out all that they had and split the lot!

Assorted examples of exemplary vintage chains from a local flea- they’re all so unique, I just like staring at them.

Vintage raw brass findings from NY- I have more that will look great worked into vintage gold tone chains like the ones here scored from a local flea.

Chunky geometric beaded vintage chain from a local flea- love anything with wooden beads.

Now comes the fun part- breaking down, assembling, modifying and adding the joeys.  I’ll keep you updated on what they become before April 15th, which is the date of my first spring show, Clover Market!


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