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pinnable picks: vintage oil portraits

As promised, here’s my Pinterest picks/obsessions of the week.  Vintage oil portraits are something I have coveted since I first saw them displayed in a grouping years ago at the Fishs Eddy store in New York.  I love them almost as much as I love found photos. In fact, it was one of the first boards that I created on Pinterest. The more amateur the artist and unusual the pose, the better.  Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites:

Love this vignette from Scissors and Spice with the orange chair and the Elizabeth Taylor-like lady posing with her book.

The vast expanse of bare neck on this 80’s portrait draws you in. Love the bareness of it all.  Great color combination of aqua and red.

This painting is unusual because of the subjects’ side view rather than the more common head on or three-quarter view.  Not sure where it is from, feels like the 40’s. I love everything about it including the fantastic frame.So much in here:  the painting within a painting, the props on the table and her slightly worrisome look.  The vivid colors are almost garish.

Of course, this little one just makes the room. Even better, it is a picture of the homeowner’s mother from the 60’s.  Works so well with the awesome green couch.  The rest of their amazing house is featured here on Design Sponge.

Do you have any oil portraits in your own collection? On your pinboards? Check out the rest of my pins on my ‘Vintage Oil Portraits’ board and be sure to follow me on Pinterest!


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