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As I waxed on about in my previous post, I’ve immersed myself in the likes of pinterest and haven’t come up for air.  I don’t do much with this blog on a consistently regular basis, but I’m so inclined to begin a Friday series inspired by my new obsession.  It’s nothing more than a smaller gathering of themed images that caught my eye during the week or gave me visual pause.  Here goes:

I can’t get enough of this room. It’s the modern day salon of Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas with the funky clusters of prints and paintings. Love it and that yellow lamp.

Flowered wallpaper is not usually my style.  But the combination of chippy, shuttered rustic doors, a singular keystone-shaped mirror and an amazing irregularly tiled floor – I can’t look away.

BOLD combination of colors, mid-century accents (heads!) and a killer couch. Nuff said.

If you’ve perused my pin boards, you know I have an affinity for vintage oil portraits.  This little room view is all about that yellow sweater and her adorable slouch.

I love this bedroom corner, the color palette, the abstract painting, the curtains and the awesome lamp. If only my wood floors looked so good.


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  1. Love love love! That yellow is my favorite palette choice right now!

  2. Thanks, Kristen! I know, what is it about the yellow? Not usually something I’m drawn to, but I’m loving it too…


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