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I caved to the social media phenomenon that is Pinterest and I’m completely hooked.  For those that don’t know, Pinterest is a relatively new social networking site where users create online image collages called “pinboards” and share them with other Pinterest users.

Recently I read it described as “Facebook without the whining.” Well put.

As one who thrives on imagery it’s a great place to be, although I must admit that after getting sucked in to the world of pinning for seemingly hours on end, I feel that my head’s going to explode from visual overload.  It is difficult, especially in the beginning, to limit yourself. Oh, well, I’m goin’ with it.

I’ve  founnd it to be an extremely useful resource for my business- a valuable marketing and networking tool as well as a gateway for ideas and inspiration.  However, it’s also perfect for home projects, an efficient way to compile wish lists and to follow trends. No more piles or half- finished notebooks of ripped out pages- it’s all virtual.


Folow me here!


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