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the muddy recap.

Last weekend I attended the 50th annual Philadelphia Folk Fest for the first time as a crafter.  It was truly an amazing experience on so many levels.  The culture surrounding the Fest is amazing, the thousands of volunteers that keep it running, the dedicated fans who show up year after year in sometimes extreme conditions and above all the incredible music.

This year proved to be like others past as far as the weather was concerned- it poured rain intermittently and stirred up some serious mud (‘Mudfest’ is a common nickname). There was a lot of wind and stormy conditions at times that got a little hairy.

This event was significant for me as it marked the culmination of a long summer of preparation of producing inventory, managing my family and my fledgling business.  One year ago I wasn’t sure I could handle something this big- three long days of selling my wares, day into night.  I did a complete booth redesign with lighting and worked my fingers to the bone to build my inventory and create ‘Fest Friendly’ pieces.

I couldn’t have done it without the awesome assistance of my helpers, Xina and Leslie who schlepped, cleaned and hawked the joeys for me despite the elements. They were awesome. I’m already looking forward to the 51st…










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  1. Your booth looked great! After this, your one-day shows will seem like nothing!


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