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This afternoon, I received the most amazing assortment of goodies in the mail from Jessica at Miniature Rhino.  I was the random winner of her recent blog giveaway.  As a longtime admirer of her amazing work and aesthetic, how thrilled was I to win?!  The giveaway was for a hand stitched mini book/letter hybrid made from selected old papers, books and dictionaries (which immediately called my name) so that was exciting enough.  But today a little package arrived for me that not only included the beautiful book but also a delightful selection of vintage stamps,  a loteria card, a vintage library and catalog card, a photo, spanish playing card and the tiniest handmade pinback button.  After weeks of nonstop gluing and headaches from resin fumes preparing for endless holiday shows and building up inventory, this truly made my day.  The presentation, attention to detail and imagination contained within such a small package is inspiring and appreciated.  Thank you so much, Jessica!


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  1. glad it was a little pick me up during all your hard prep work. i know how labor intensive it is preparing for shows. it’s stressful, so I hope it brightened your day!

  2. Susan–I LOVE the belts–I want to buy one!! Amy


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