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something old… something blue.

This week I shipped out a large order for custom bridesmaid necklaces.  The wedding is taking place this Saturday on the Hamptons at a vineyard, and the reception follows at an old barn.  Elegantly casual and comfortably chic.   The bride loved the idea of using different abstract graphics for each of the seven bridesmaid’s pendants with the juxtaposition of blue and brown (wedding colors) to unify them. Originally, I made 13 pendants to choose from (hard decision!), they are all unique and interesting. The large pendant is for the Matron of Honor- perfectly appropriate with a large blue sun-like image- and the tiny one is for the flower girl who is only four!  All of the pieces were made with vintage graphics from a very old, damaged ex-library book with picture jasper (brown) and turquoise jasper (blue) beads.  For the packaging I used little tags made from vintage dictionary entries on marriage and nuptials on my recycled paper orange boxes.  I love the earthiness of it all and I was really thrilled at how everything came out.


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  1. The necklaces turned out so cute! I will have to remember this idea! (I’ve bookmarked your page for a future order!!) :O)


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