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finding time to forage.

I’ve had a little bit of a break in between shows to regroup and restock.  It’s been great to have some time to relax and do things other than jewelry making, but alas, June is lurking around the corner and with it  comes a whole new slew of shows.  As always, I’ve been on the hunt for vintage goodies to inspire and  incorporate into my designs.  It’s been particularly bountiful lately, I can’t wait to dig in.

Vintage wooden ‘snaps’ (missing the p!) hinged scrapbook with treasures inside.  The colorized photobooth photo was a prized discovery.


Assorted vintage components purchased separately that ‘fell’ together quite nicely…
crushedjadeFinding that I’m drawn to green lately.  This vintage crushed jade locket is a perfect hiding place for a ‘joey’ vintage image.

huntingcupsCannot wait to fill these vintage hunting trophies with greens and use these as props in my booth.

Hope to see you at a show soon! Check out my ‘Events’ page up at the top of this page to find one near you. Next up is Art for the Cash Poor at the Crane Arts Building in Philly.

resin, resin all day long… and a GIVEAWAY!



So much resining to do to make up for lost time while I had the flu! It’s all the more difficult being stuck in the basement with a mask on my face when the weather is as beautiful as it is today.  Oh well, it must be done- Clover Market is in one week (from tomorrow, officially) and there’s much to do!  These joeys will become fun little stud earrings when I’m done with them.


Speaking of Clover, did you know there’s a cool giveaway going on right now?!  Check out the rules and how to enter here to win a free super soft Clover T-shirt and market tote bag.  Also, you get to pick your favorite vendor to attend one of the market’s for FREE (hint, hint)! Make sure you’ve shared and posted your comment – good luck!

Hope I see you on April 14th…


welcome, spring.


Yes, it’s officially spring but we’re still getting four inches of snow today in bucks county, pa. In a way, it’s working for me because there’s no sunny, spring-like weather distractions.  March has been tough because the flu brought me down a few weeks ago, so there’s lots of catching up to do in order to be ready for the deluge of spring shows that begin mid-april.


Clover Market with kick off the season on april 14th in ardmore, pa.  I can hardly wait, it’s always an amazing event and there’s a great new slew of artists and vendors as well as old favorites retuning for the season.  Check out the pinterest board of the spring sellers here.


If you’ve not already subscribed to be on my mailing list, make sure you do so!  i’ll be sending out my newsletter in early april with my complete spring schedule.  Still waiting to hear from a few shows, but SO many great ones already booked!

Hope to see you soon…

summer is for butterflies.

I’m having so much fun designing with these gorgeous vintage enamel butterfly pendants that I discovered.  Many boast vibrant, irridescent colors  and a few even have some charming handpainted details that are the perfect compliment to my joey charms.  I’ve already mixed and matched several into my word charms necklaces.

This petite blue guy was the only one of it’s kind that I found, so I paired it with a vintage floral illustration joey and vintage beads.

I’ve already sold a few and the rest I’ve listed on etsy.  See what you think, they’re a great summer layering necklace…

happy 105th birthday, frida!

Mexican painter and perpetual inspiration, Frida Kahlo:  July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954.

pinnable picks: bits n’ bobs

Here’s some favorites that my itchy pinning finger captured on Pinterest this week.  I’m loving all of these wares, handmade and otherwise- their colors and graphic, organic look. I’m dreaming of a cluster of these Esther pots on my patio as I type. What new things did you discover this week?

embroidered wooden spools by artist, Susan Lenz.

Reclaimed timber side tables by realwoodworks1 on etsy.

Found Battani Stripe Rug from West Elm.

Esther pots by Steve Siegrist and his wife, sculptor Renée Lotenero.

Scandanavian designer, Stig Lindberg.

Blocked Planter by Anthropologie.

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pinnable picks: art in the ordinary.

This week I’m letting the images do the talking, which is appropriate since they have all been culled from Pinterest.  A nicely staged arrangement of anything makes the ordinary or mundane, spectacular, as is evidenced from these photos.  When did your bills ever look so aesthetically pleasing?

What do you collect?  How do you display them?

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pinnable picks: ‘architectural’ garden details

With the balmy weather and blooming daffodils this week, on the heels of an inspired visit to the wonder that is Terrain last week, I’ve had gardening on the brain. When I look around my decrepit yard in desperate need of debris cleanup and some serious fertilizing however, I can’t escape the reality of the present.

That’s where Pinterest comes in. I can pin scores of images of thriving, verdant green on my ‘bountiful garden‘ board and let my imagination sow the seeds, so to speak.

Hidden amongst the plethora of planters bursting with color and immaculately manicured beds of the internet, I found what was inspiring me most were the more ‘architectural’ accents and details that really make your garden unique.

If I had the time and patience for meticulous placement, I would so create one of these in my yard (in a completely secret place).

Love this repurposed door as the garden ‘entrance,’ but it’s the red that seals the deal for me.

I don’t imagine this to be the most comfortable seat, but the those slabs are incredible! The selectively growing vines and puzzle-like design is fantastic.  Give me some colorful pillows and I’m in.

This ‘beehive’ looking compost bin is so much more aesthetically pleasing than the black, plastic one I currently have. It completely pops amongst the vegetation. It’s garden art with a purpose.

I  love anything ‘stone mushroom’ and have amassed a nice collection- but I don’t have one that’s a mini-birdbath too. Need this.

Perfectly rusted assemblage of cogs and wheels as garden sculpture/edging. Love the contrast of rust and yellow/orange colors. Wish I knew how to weld.

What kind of plans do you have for your garden this year?  Do you have any unique garden details or art?

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hunting and gathering.

Spring is a few weeks away and with that comes the spring shows.  I have been diligently hoarding unique finds for the new year’s collection of joeys.  Most recently, I went in and around NYC with my friends Chelsea, from a lovely little shop and Samantha, from T8 Designs where we spent the day searching for treasures. It was quite interesting to go with fellow jewelry designers. We all employ different materials and aesthetics so I loved seeing what the others were gravitating towards and sniffing out.  We had so much fun, it didn’t even matter that we repeatedly got lost (!).

Here’s some of my finds from the past few months:

These spectacular vintage findings I got in NYC, including celluloid elephants (all with trunks up for luck- I made sure), wee glass flowers and the coolest little brass and copper clusters that I had to have.  Actually, this is the one thing that Chelsea and I both went crazy for so we counted out all that they had and split the lot!

Assorted examples of exemplary vintage chains from a local flea- they’re all so unique, I just like staring at them.

Vintage raw brass findings from NY- I have more that will look great worked into vintage gold tone chains like the ones here scored from a local flea.

Chunky geometric beaded vintage chain from a local flea- love anything with wooden beads.

Now comes the fun part- breaking down, assembling, modifying and adding the joeys.  I’ll keep you updated on what they become before April 15th, which is the date of my first spring show, Clover Market!

pinnable picks: vintage oil portraits

As promised, here’s my Pinterest picks/obsessions of the week.  Vintage oil portraits are something I have coveted since I first saw them displayed in a grouping years ago at the Fishs Eddy store in New York.  I love them almost as much as I love found photos. In fact, it was one of the first boards that I created on Pinterest. The more amateur the artist and unusual the pose, the better.  Here’s a sampling of some of my favorites:

Love this vignette from Scissors and Spice with the orange chair and the Elizabeth Taylor-like lady posing with her book.

The vast expanse of bare neck on this 80′s portrait draws you in. Love the bareness of it all.  Great color combination of aqua and red.

This painting is unusual because of the subjects’ side view rather than the more common head on or three-quarter view.  Not sure where it is from, feels like the 40′s. I love everything about it including the fantastic frame.So much in here:  the painting within a painting, the props on the table and her slightly worrisome look.  The vivid colors are almost garish.

Of course, this little one just makes the room. Even better, it is a picture of the homeowner’s mother from the 60′s.  Works so well with the awesome green couch.  The rest of their amazing house is featured here on Design Sponge.

Do you have any oil portraits in your own collection? On your pinboards? Check out the rest of my pins on my ‘Vintage Oil Portraits’ board and be sure to follow me on Pinterest!


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